Logotype for the architecture firm ACRM

ACRM is an experienced architecture & construction company based in Athens. For the new logo, our main intention was to create a typographic “canvas’’ of the company principles and humane character as another layer behind the forms and precision of their actual work.

The new ACRM logotype system reflects an organisation in constant movement, adaptable and willing to experiment and evolve. The words accompanying the initials reflect the ideas, the inspirations and the expertise of the people behind the company. The main typeface, Dromon Cf, is used as a tool to highlight the humane approach of the design.

Syros International Film Festival (SIFF)

Cinema, workshops, talks, art, music, all combined in one festival. Syros International Film Festival is a multidisciplinary festival and each part of it is reflected through a unique shape. Shapes that are peculiar, odd, interesting, mismatched, different, which all together make the new identity and define the festival as a unique experience.



The word Eleusis derives from the verb ελεύθω=to come, to arrive. In the myth, Eleusis means the arrival of a significant event, which indicates the beginning of spring. It is the place of arrival, the coming, presence and revelation. The city’s rich heritage and today’s willingness to advance are reflected in ‘Iera Odos’, the route that started from Athens and ended in Eleusis, which in ancient times was taken by a procession celebrating the Eleusinian Mysteries. This route signals the transition, the emergence, the realization, the awakening, and the coming and it becomes the symbol of the “2023 EΛΕVΣΙΣ” identity.

For the 2023 EΛΕVΣΙΣ identity, we used two fonts, GFS Didot and Sans Serif Helvetica Neue to visually highlight the connection between the ancient legacy and the contemporary city. Red, is used as the colour that indicates life through the arrival of Persephone, but also the factory funnel flames and the working-class movement that marked the modern industrialized era of the city. While the main red route is widely used, the visual identity of 2023 EΛΕVΣΙΣ has also been developed on the idea of the different routes that lead to the various places of interest that serve as event locations.

Always in conjunction with the use of typography or photographs of the sites. The aim is to familiarise the audience with the concept and the rich cultural heritage of Eleusis. The visual identity has been applied to various means of communication e.g. the website, posters, merchandise etc.


The new logo of the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens is based on the characteristic parallelogram shape of the building, which was originally created by the architect Takis Zenetos. The form of the building and its location contributes to the enhancement of its horizontal axis. The Greek initials of the National Museum of Contemporary Art were used to depict the extended shape of the structure.

Through its simplicity, the logo aims to describe a space, a framework that is not self-determined aesthetically, but on the contrary is hetero-determined every time by the work of each artist. The weight of the logotype was chosen to reflect the stability and the gravity of a National Museum. In addition, the letter Σ -as an internationally renowned Greek letter- highlights the significance of the Contemporary (Σύγχρονο) as well as the Museum’s origin. The identity of the Museum was completed with the contribution of Dalton Maag agency that designed the extended Emst Sans Variable font.