NOON is a bright and gentle time when half the day still lies ahead and a collection of six works by Efthimis Filippou translated from the Greek by Kyriacos Karseras, designed by MNP in Athens, and published by De Filmfreak in Amsterdam in 2022. First presented between 2011 and 2021, these performance texts embody various forms: plays, film scenes, flash fictions, epistolary narratives, short stories, monologues, song lyrics, and so on.

Three texts on the Bauhaus, Jan Despo

Edition documenting the exhibition ‘’From Building to Community. Ioannis Despotopoulos and the Bauhaus’’. The exhibition focuses on the work of the acclaimed architect and his relationship with the Bauhaus, which he came to contact with during the period he lived in Weimar.

The main inspiration for the design was the idea of the ‘’expanded vision’’ by Herbert Bayer, who was an influential member of the Bauhaus.

Presented by @goetheinstitut_athen in collaboration with the @athensconservatoire and @thebenakimuseum. Curated by @loukasbartatilas