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Catalogues, 2019

In Japan, they produce paper because they believe that it is the primary medium with which to express sentiments and feelings and at the same time papers actuate people to create. For German paper-makers, it is essential to produce a paper of the highest quality and technological innovation, while in Italy paper is made with the luxury and elegance of the Italians. The United Kingdom is always experimenting with new techniques to produce fine paper, while in Sweden ecology and the relevant qualifications are taken very seriously.

The geographical distance between these countries is significant and the cultures are conspicuously different, but the differences are put together in a way to create harmony and give options. The distance no longer exists. Italy is near Sweden, Japan is somewhere in between after Japan comes to Germany and right after Germany is the United Kingdom. We bring unique cultures and distant areas close, actually nearby, to offer the possibility of choosing the most suitable paper.

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